As many of you know I served in Viet Nam and because of that I came into contact with the substance known as Agent Orange (dioxin).  Dioxin is a chemical that was used to take the leaves off the trees so we could see the enemy.  I have been greatly affected by Agent Orange.  The side affects have caused the death of tens of thousands of Viet Nam Vets.  I have been determined to be 100% service connected disabled.  God is blessing and I am still able to serve Him.  Pray for Saundra and me as we seek to do all we can for Christ.

    I have a ministry as a Missionary/Evangelist to represent a Christian influence in every area of contact. The Lord has given me a battle front which begins with those serving in government at all levels. The local level of government officials begin around the local church to teach Biblical principles to the congregation about the Biblical position of government as God teaches in His Word, The Bible (KJV). God has given this area to me with special depth and insight, since January 1983.

     The local officials can see and experience the worship of your local church through a special "God and Country Service." As they see the missionary and your local church work together we can develop God's plan for your ministry to your local officials either to encourage them or reach them with the Gospel.

     Often churches are suddenly thrown in the public arena of controversy over convictions. Because of the experience and insight of the ministry since 1961, God allows me to help the minister and local congregation see and understand how to communicate our beliefs to other agencies.

     The ministry extends beyond the local government to the state level. God has commanded His people to pray for and lift up those in government. (I Timothy 2-.1 -5; Romans 13-.1 -5.) Understanding by God's people is important to good and right ministry.  Through the contact with the local church and those serving in government, we try to bring about a working understanding of our Faith in today’s world.

    Our government extends beyond the state level. Every week U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives go to Washington D.C. to do business for the state. There should be a ministry of prayer and spiritual encouragement there as well as at home. We pray for and write to those in Washington.  We send them New Testaments and visit with them as the Lord allows.

    God continues to open doors of ministry. God has allowed America to be responsible for sending out and funding 90 percent of the Christian missionaries in the world. We must remain a strong witness at home if we are to continue to reach the world.

     We want to see America come back to God.

     Our ministry is always a daily ministry of soul winning, preaching, personal counseling, and help for the local church pastor.


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