The Scriptures

I believe in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as verbally inspired of God, inerrant, preserved intact in our day, in the King James Version, and that they are of supreme and final authority in faith and life.


I believe in one God, eternally existing in three persons; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


I believe in the "Eternal Security" of the believer, that it is impossible for one born into the family of God ever to be lost. That all who receive by faith the Lord Jesus Christ are born again of the Holy Spirit and thereby become children of God.

The Church

I believe that the church of our Lord is a visible, local, pastor-led body of believers who have been baptized by authority of a New Testament Church and there are only two ordinances; baptism and the Lord's supper, both of which are administered only to believers by a New Testament Church.

Last Things

I believe that Jesus Christ is coming again to take His Saints out of the world, at which time the tribulation begins.

Civil Government

I believe that civil government is ordained of God for the interest and good order of human society; that magistrates are to be prayed for, conscientiously honored and obeyed; except only in things opposed to the will of our Lord Jesus Christ; who is the only Lord of the conscience, and the coming Prince of the kings of the earth.

Evangelism and Missions

It is the duty and privilege of every follower of Christ and of every Church of the Lord Jesus Christ to endeavor to make disciples of all nations. The new birth of love for others. Missionary effort on part of all rests thus upon a spiritual necessity of the regenerate life, and is expressly and repeatedly commanded in the teachings of Christ. It is the duty of every child of God to seek constantly to win the lost to Christ by personal effort and by all other methods in harmony with the gospel of Christ.


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